Current teaching

Foundations of Neuroscience (PSYC2101)

Perception (PSYC2051)

Advanced Issues in Perception (PSYC3061)

Previous teaching

Introduction to Psychology (PSYC1001)

Introduction to Research and Quantitative Methods (PSYC1004)

Advanced Research and Quantitative Methods (PSYC2060)

Advanced Cognitive Psychology (PSYC3068)

Research Methods (PSYC7301)

To current students: Animated videos shown in class have been posted for your review purposes only.  They should not be re-distributed in any form.

Updated 2019-04-09: PSYC2051 Auditory Processing

Updated 2019-02-24: PSYC2051 Reichardt Detectors

Updated 2019-02-03: PSYC2051 Receptive Fields

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