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I obtained my PhD in Neuroscience from Queen's University (Canada), after earning a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) at McMaster University (Canada).  I then completed two postdoctoral fellowships - the first at the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) under the Marie Curie International Fellowship scheme, and then at McGill Vision Research (Canada).  I joined HKU as a Lecturer in the fall of 2015, and then as an Assistant Professor in 2017.

Dr Dorita Chang
Assistant Professor
Nicole Wong
Graduate Student

nicole26 <at> connect.hku.hk

I graduated with my BSoc from the University of Hong Kong.  I am currently working on a project relating to 3D object perception.

Dorita's note: Nicole did her UG thesis in this lab too!

Ka Yee Kam
Graduate Student

I do everything around here...

Dorita's note: The tent-building skills are transferable.

Dorita's update: ...as are the sewing, the shelving-installation, curtain-installation, projector screen-installation, painting........skills

JJ Wong
Graduate Student

<nothing to see here>

Dorita's note: <nothing to see here>

Natalie Leung
MSoc CP Student
Claudia Chan
MSoc CP Student
Ailene Chan
Research Intern

Dorita's note: I think she's in the alumni section too.  She keeps coming back...

Sharon Lo
Research Intern
Emily Sutton
Research Intern
Andrew Lau
Research Intern

Dorita's note: Human TMS coil holder

Lawrence Kwan
Undergraduate Thesis Student

Dorita's note: Can also be found in our alumni section.  Who let him back in?

Dorita's note: I'm glad you survived that thing in the photo

Qianqian (Maggie) Wan
Undergraduate Thesis Student
Suki Chan
Undergraduate Thesis Student

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