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2016 ECVP

2016 ECVP was in Barcelona, Spain. We sent four students: Travis, Kenji, Nicole, and Idy. Our poster details:


Chou, I. W. Y., & Chang, D. H. F. (2016). Perceiving novel objects: The effect of learning on repetition blindness.


Wong, N. H. L., Ting, T. C. M., & Chang, D. H. F. (2016). Brain games: Extensive action video game experience enhances globally-directed visual-attention.


Lau, K. C. K., & Chang, D. H. F. (2016). Broad learning transfer in visual hierarchical processing.


Ting, T. C. M., Wong, N. H. L., & Chang, D. H. F. (2016). Locally-directed visual attention as assessed by the attentional blink: Does video game experience really matter?


Chang, D. H. F., Ban, H., & Troje, N. F. (2016). Dissociating global and local biological motion processing in the human brain.


Photos below...apparently they had too much fun...

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