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More on that object context - stereo mystery!

Last year, we reported on the fact that the classical understanding of how stereo read-outs fit in the context of the larger problem of object recognition needed a re-think (see Wong et al JCON). Particularly, there seems to be substantial influence of object identity on the visual system's willingness to stereo-encode. I don't think this should be a surprise anymore in light of work in colour and lightness perception, but the record does need to be set straight. In our latest work out in eNeuro, we follow-up on that and try to understand what the visual system cares about -- is it biological relevance?

Chou, I. W. Y., Ban, H., & Chang, D. H. F. (in press). Modulations of depth responses in the human brain by object context: Does biological relevance matter? eNeuro


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